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About Us


In July 2012, chef, Paul Alhaj opened Wok This Way in San Antonio, Texas.  His vision was to offer quality food with exceptional service.  To accomplish this he put together his 30+ years in the restaurant business to work.  In 2004 he started his first Chinese restaurant. While under the guidance of chef Kevin Nguyen, Paul quickly learned the complexities and intricacies that are a part of Chinese food. Paul had to learn the flavors, seasonings and nuances that come along with creating those savory Asian flavors.  With him he also brought his family recipes, which have become a staple to this town. 


At Wok This Way, we use only the freshest  ingredients. We are a scratch kitchen, and we are committed to fresh.  Please be patient when ordering quality takes time we strive to make sure that every plate comes out perfect!

Chinese Food

Chinese Food is one of the oldest in the world! It has survived and evolved throughout time. Chefs and cooks around the world have been able to work with the ingredients and techniques needed to master what has become one of the most popular types of food today. We at Wok This Way love to make everything from scratch and we take pride in keeping those traditional ingredients in our entire menu including our fusion options. Call us today and find out why we are one of the few scratch kitchens in San Antonio!  

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